Special Machines

We like to offer special machines which are constructed and manufactured for your special application. We have wide experiences in this domain and so we will have a solution also for your problem. Furthermore you can purchase one single aggregate for your automation.
Here we like to present you some examples of our special machines to show the performance and diversity of our machines.

Machine for producing brushes

For the assembly of brushes two staples are crimped from the bottom and the top synchronously into the brush. For this purpose two GFM aggregates are driven by a common shaft.

Machine for producing tyre cores

For producing solid tyres for forklifts the tyre core is stapled by two GFM aggregates.

Machine for producing staples

This machine produces extra long staples with a leg length up to 350 mm. Alternatively wire lengths up to 700 mm can be produced.

Machine for producing fences

With the low fence machine of Oswald Maschinenbau from Austria the wood laths are fixed with wires. These wires are stapled onto the laths. Four stitching aggregates are used.

Registry briefcase - Staplingautomat

This semi-automatic machine is used for the production of registry briefcases, which are used in hospitals or public authorities. All formats can be stapled, from A6 to A0. The number of staples and the space between the staples can be chosen freely. The briefcases can be inserted by hand or automatically. A conveyer-belt carries the briefcases under the stitching aggregat that performs the desired staplings.

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