With Speckboetel products your consumables will be on a spool.

Our wire stitching machines work up with stitching wire on a spool and the TOP-PAD system manufactures paper spools into environmontally friendly loose fill cushioning.

Using stitching wire from a spool gives you the benefit that you don't have to replace your small staple magazine. With a 2 kg spool you can produce more than 20,000 staples - and we offer spools and drums with a net weight up to 1000 kg! So you have lower set-up and consumables costs.

By producing your loose fill on your own with the TOP-PAD system you can save storeroom and freight costs. Working up one paper spool you get 500 liters of loose fill cushioning.

Wire Stitching Machines

Please choose one of our standard wire stitching machines that is suitable for your application.

Stitching Aggregates

If you need a reliable and economical stitching aggregat for your production line, you will find one here.

Special Machines

Here you can have a look at some example constructions that we manufactured for our customers.
Please ask for your individual solution.

Stitching Wire

For our wire stitching machines we recommend using the original Speckboetel stitching wire.
Here you find the product range of our stitching wire.

Filling and Padding Material

You are looking for an environmentally friendly loose fill? Here it is!
The TOP-PAD system will be the best alternative to usual Styrofoam type cushioning material.

No responsibility can be accepted for the correctness of this information.

We also offer recon- ditioned wire stitching machines.